Jin chans pond of riches

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Jin Chans Pond Of Riches is a new video slot machine based on the hit casino game, Blackjack. The new slot is based on the classic Chinese fortune slot machine theme. The 15-slot design of the game includes 5 numbered pay lines. The video slot machine also features a beautiful Chinese treasure theme with an endearing musical score.

The actual slot machine begins with a 10-second pre-game screen that explains how the system works. A user is then prompted to choose a payment mode – Automatic, Spin, Fixed, or Discount. Then, the user is prompted to place a bet of one to five coins on the odds that they would win the jackpot prize. At this point, a small screen below the buttons shows the pay line and the number of coins still available in the pot.

The Jin Chans Pond Of Riches slot machine is based on the classic Chinese baccarat game and is a great addition to any casino game room. The graphics are excellent and the sound effects very pleasing. Playing this slot machine is guaranteed to be a lot of fun for all ages and is guaranteed to earn you some serious coinage!