Sic bo

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Sic Bo is a unique, challenging and highly addictive casino game that has been one of the biggest draws in Las Vegas since its inception. Sic Bo is also referred to as Tai Bo, sic sai, hi-Lo and big and little. Sic Bo, also called sic bo, tai sikai, daibai, shaolin ki or chi Shi, is an uneven, thirteen dice game of primitive Chinese origin usually played by three dice. One may use any two dice or all three, but normally one dice is dealt twice and the other two “shuffled” to form the final deal. Traditional big and little luck are common variations, both of Chinese origin. The literal meaning of sic bo (sic sikai) is “compound thirteen”, reflecting the randomness of the deal and the possibility that the person dealing the cards may either end up with a low or high hand.

The object of the game is to be the first player to get a straight flush (a total of all the dice shows at least one total face up) or a four of a kind (a total of all the dice shows at least four of a kind). It is believed that Sic Bo originated in and for the gambling cities of China. While it is impossible to say where the game originated, some evidence has been found to support the argument that it can be traced back as far as the Han Dynasty of China, as depicted in the Chinese annals. Later in the Western world, Sic Bo would take on a completely new meaning when it was brought to casinos in the early twentieth century by a number of “Pai Gow attacker” who would place bets on every single result in the hopes of gaining entry into the infamous Las Vegas slot machines. Today, however, the original concept of Sic Bo is still seen as fun, amusing, and intriguing.

Today, a lot of people enjoy playing the dice game known as Sic Bo, including those who frequent live casinos. Online, the game has gained more popularity, with a large number of websites dedicated to teaching people how to play it, as well as many independent players who enjoy betting on online casino games. There are even entire discussion forums devoted to this craps strategy game. As such, it is now possible for people to learn how to make their own casino games and place their bets, and while the chances for winning are not particularly good, it is still possible to win a little money, and this may be a new way for some people to experience what it is like to win some money on their own.