Spectre estate

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Enjoy the supernatural adventure of Spectre Estate with its exciting casino games. The story revolves around a newlywed couple who arrives in the town called Silent Hill. The land itself is a place where people from every age, creed, color and status live in harmony together. However, things are not so simple as it seems when an unknown, shadowy force attacks the town and leaves the newlyweds as victims.


Each level of the game has its own objective and scenario wherein you have to save the newlyweds. Each room of the estate has its own objective and storyline that you will follow while trying to save your couples. You will also be taking care of some ghost symbols that keep on appearing and trying to attack you. When fighting these spirits, be sure to equip yourself with the latest weapons and armors in order to kill them as fast as possible. The combat in this PC game can be done in single player or multi-player mode and each one comes with its own set of bonuses, achievements and rewards.


Apart from the exciting story line of Spectre Estate, the other exciting part of the game includes its many casino games. The mansion has its own set of mini slot machines where you can win exclusive prizes. If you are feeling lucky, you may also chance upon other gems and other icons that can be used for winning in the slot games. Other than that, the mansion is also filled with real haunted places and dark rooms. Some of these include The Well, The Witch, The Castle, The Caves and The Farmhouse.